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Become a Single2Tribe Approved Employer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 80% of the U.S. workforce was made up of single, divorced and widowed parents in 2022. This is a huge testament to how much value these individuals have continued to bring to support the U.S. economy. By becoming a Single2Tribe Employer, you will have access to real people whose credentials, skills and abilities have been screened by other human beings (not A.I. or bots) and coached by experts. We understand the cost of undertaking a job search for a company, and Single2Tribe provides a streamlined, safe and humanized platform for employers to find qualified candidates who are ready to work!

Join the pre-launch list today to lock in:

  • "Founding Employers" rate:   $15/mo.


This special pricing ends December 27th, 2023. It's free to reserve your spot!

Approved Employer benefits include:

  • List current or future openings at your company

  • Be featured in our monthly "Employer Spotlight" newsletter

  • Be interviewed for our Employer of the Month podcast

  • Receive "Single2Tribe Supporter" merchandise for your business

  • Receive exclusive invitations to Single2Tribe networking events

More benefits will be added as Single2Tribe membership grows!

Single2Tribe believes in salary and wage transparency. It is expected that all companies provide reasonable and reliable salary ranges in job descriptions that reflect current market and industry standards for the position listed.

Single2Tribe believes in non-discrimination. It is expected that all companies provide non-discrimination statements and policies with their job descriptions.

Single2Tribe believes that benefits matter. It is expected that all companies provide reasonable and reliable benefits in the job descriptions so that our members can apply knowing that their key needs will be met.

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