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How it Works

Single2Tribe is like a Costco Membership 🪪: for a small monthly fee, members, supporters and employers get access to exclusive information, resources and content all in once place! Instead of metaphorically shopping at four different stores to find your favorite ingredients for the lowest price, and having to do research and clip coupons, Single2Tribe is a one stop shop for impactful and tangible support for single parents!

1. New Members Purchase Membership

New members are encouraged to explore the benefits of the different memebership levels, and select their purchase. All memberships require a one year commitment with the option to renew for an additional six months, or cancel their membership.

2. New Members Get Access to Benefits

New members get immediate access to the benefits in their membership level. Each individual will have their own portal with various options to customize their experience and journey. One pagers describing the details of each service and resource offered and the terms and conditions can be found in membership portals.

3. Funds Set Aside for Support

Membership dues are designed to stay within the community. Each dollar received from membership dues is immediately allocated into separate funds designed to finance each "Pillar of Support" provided in each membership tier. Single2Tribe does not have investors or employees: any funds paid out are made to members within the community.

4. Members Vote on New Services

Too often, historically underrepresented communities do not have the space to advocate for their own needs. Single2Tribe offers the opportunity every six months for members to vote on or suggest new services and ideas to add to the community as the needs of the community change. They can also let advocate for removing a particular service if they feel it does not serve the community effectively. 

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