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How You Can Help

As is true with many communities in need, the single parent community is grateful for any and all forms of support. Not everyone will want to purchase a memebership, and that's okay! While Single2Tribe does not offer tax-deductible donations there are a number of other ways to help Single2Tribe fulfill its mission and deliver quality services to its members 💪🏽.

You can: contribute to crowdfunding efforts, spread the word, become a Single2Tribe approved sponsor or business, become a Single2Tribe approved employer, support the Patreon site (which will launch in 2024), or buy a gift card. Read more below. ⬇️

1. Contribute to Crowdfunding Efforts

At specific times throughout the year, Single2Tribe will host crowdfunding events (through GoFundMe or Indiegogo) to support targeted goals. Each campaign will last for thirty days. As a reminder, crowdfunding conbributions for Single2Tribe are not tax-deductible, however, there will be opportunities to participate in partnership fundraisers with reputable charities that do have tax-exepmt status.


2. Spread the Word, Amplify Voices

Kindness does not cost anything but time. Single2Tribe can only reach the single parents it who need it when other people in the community make its services known. Share with your friends, family members, or coworkers in person and on social media who share your values around supporting the single parent community!

3. Become a Single2Tribe Approved

Sponsor or Business

Single2Tribe has podcasts, events, webinars and other content where you (as an individual or a company) can provide a one time or recurring sponsorship. In return, Single2Tribe will spread the word about your services and increase your visibility among the community. Register here.

4. Become a Single2Tribe Approved Employer

Want to hire some of the wonderful members who join our community? Then become a Single2Tribe Approved Employer! Single2Tribe Approved Employers get access to benefits and services that are specific to the niche of single parents using this platform. Register here.

5. Support the Patreon (COMING SOON!)

Patreon is a platform where creatives can share their content as a membership. Single2Tribe's Patreon content is designed to be low-cost and high value for consumable content such as podcasts, courses and livestream events. Subscribing to the Patreon supports Single2Tribe's content creation following.


6. Buy a Gift Card

A simple, easy way to show support to a single parent in your life (including yourself!). Single2Tribe Gift Cards can only be redeemed for The Village or The Tribe memberships, or individual services for those who have already purchased a The Villaged or The Tribe memberships. Buy one here!

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