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The Village

"The Village" is meant for members who are looking for general guidance and resources on their individual journeys to finding their community. Members of "The Village" will be able to:​

  • Schedule three 1:1 personalized Coaching Sessions

    • Financial Coaching sessions with Single2Tribe Financial Coaches (60 mins)

  • Access Single2Tribe's internal employment marketplace

    • On-site, hybrid and remote opportunities available

  • Access Single2Tribe's Freecycle Group

  • Access Single2Tribe Group events​​

  • Access Single2Tribe's library of downloadable resources and content

  • Access Single2Tribe's private Facebook group

"The Village" members are eligible to apply for the following financial support:

  • $50/mo per family after 3 months of membership

  • $75/mo per family after 6 months of membership

  • $100/mo per family after 9 months of membership

An application and income verification are required for all financial support. Single2Tribe offers multiple redemption options for financial support.

After the first three months of membership, "The Tribe" members will continue their journey* with

offers for the following:

  • Individual and Group Coaching

    • Personal

    • Relationship

    • Financial

    • Professional/Executive

  • Individual and Group Training Courses

  • Single2Tribe's Online Marketplace

  • Single2Tribe's Crowdfunding Space

*at an additional cost for a greatly reduced rate for members

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The Village



Every month

Perfect for single parents looking for access to valuable resources

Valid for 12 months

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