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The Community

Do you know a single mom or single dad? Was your parent, best friend, or aunt, a single parent at some point in their lives? Were you raised by a single parent, but are not one yourself? Did you used to be a single parent and want other single parent to experience the success that you had? Then "The Community" is the best place for you to get involved with Single2Tribe. In "The Community", your monthly subscription is a way for you to provide financial support that is funneled directly towards the multiple resources we provide our members who utilize our services. 

In The Community, your membership will support our single parent community by giving them access to:

  • Individual and Group Coaching

    • Relationship​, Financial, Personal Development, Parenting, 
      Professional, and Business

  • Private Job Boards

    • Internal positions​

    • External positions in the community

  • Social Events

  • College Advising

  • Academic Subject Tutoring

  • Online Courses and Content

In the next four years, Single2Tribe hopes to be able to provide more targeted support in key, high-need areas for single parents including: 

  • Lawyer Fees/Retainer Fees

  • Childcare (children ages 6 months to 10 yrs of age)

  • Food Security (Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep)

  • Transportation Services

  • Tuition Assistance

  • Housing Options

  • Individual or Group Therapy

  • House and Home care (including cleaning and organizing services)

  • Grants and Scholarships

  • Private financing options

  • ...and more!

​As part of "The Community", you will also be eligible to receive:

  • Exclusive invitations to Community Appreciation events for our members

  • Exclusive "Single2Tribe Supporter" merchandise (car decals, mugs, t-shirts and more!)

A community is the best way to organize a group of individuals who have a shared goal and common values and interests. Become a supportive member of Single2Tribe today!

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